Suet Filled Coconut
Suet Filled Coconut

Suet Filled Coconut

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Suet coconut feeders are a great treat for wild birds. Straight out of the box they are a hassle free way to feed our chirping friends in your garden or bird table. Simply remove the plastic packaging and hang from a branch or hook and watch the birds come to feed.

They are an all year round food source, they can be fed in any season, not just winter. Birds can sometimes need more food in the breeding season.

Our suet coconuts are 100% natural, they are not made with any preservatives or nasties, they are made with premium seed and suet from UK sources, and produced by hand in the UK. Some cheaper coconuts and suet products can contain fillers such as limestone to cheapen the mixture, ours do not contain any fillers or hidden ingredients.

They have a higher suet content than other cheaper coconuts, this means that each beak-full of our suet mixture contains more calories than others, giving the birds more energy. 

The coconut itself has a strong hanging loop, this means that they can be hung from a branch or a hook with confidence.

Ingredients: Beef suet, wheat, French red dari, maize, white millet, pea & bean split, black sunflower seed, mealworm. 

Weight: 250g average (approx)