Biodegradable Poo Bags

Biodegradable Poo Bags

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These poo bags are biodegradeable, don’t feel guilty when throwing these bags in the bin as they will eventually degrade, unlike regular plastics, which can last thousands of years at landfill.

These poo bags are scented, a nice floral scent to mask the lovely smell of your dog’s mess.

These poo bags are made with tie handles, unlike cheap bags with no handles, this means picking your dog’s mess up with these poo bags a breeze; simple and hassle free.

Strong and Leak proof – Stronger than your cheap poo bags, with higher quality materials.

** Please be a responsible dog owner, and just because these poo bags are biodegradable, that does not mean you can throw these bags in bushes, trees or wherever you like. Please find a dog waste bin to dispose of the full bags, or in a regular waste bin if you cannot find a dog waste bin. Please respect our planet.