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Free Next Day Delivery Over £29.99
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About Us

At Tailwagger Treats, our mission is simple: to deliver high quality treats to your dog while delivering outstanding value to you.

We take great pride in the fact that our treats have the healthiest nutritional value, achieved by using the highest standard of ingredients. In order to maintain these standards we track these premium ingredients from farm to bowl, so that we can be completely confident when we say that your dog is getting nothing less than the very best.

As dog owners ourselves, we understand the unique bond between you and your canine, and the most important thing for us is to put your pets first. Keeping you both happy is a central principle to how we do business, guiding every decision we make – so we always strive to better ourselves by being innovative and up-to-date within the market, without ever compromising on quality. Staying competitive is just one way we can be sure that we’re consistently delivering excellent quality to both you and your dog.

After all, there’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend!