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Top 50 Male Dog Names

Top 50 Male Dog Names

Thinking of a good name for a male dog? Picking one can be hard especially because there are lots of options. You might pick a name that doesn’t suit your dog at all or something that your family refuses to use at all.

A name for a male dog is often in different categories such as boyish, tough-sounding, cute, or unique. Since you’re living with the dog for a long time, it’s best to give the name a thought.


We listed the best names for male dogs for you to narrow down your choices until you find the perfect match for your pooch.

Top dog names

Want your dog to have a name that’s popular for both animals and humans? You might want to consider the ones we've listed. Here are the top dog names that are easy to use and remember:

1. Alfie 

2. Charlie

3. Chester 

4. Cooper

5. Dexter

6. Jack

7. Jasper

8. Noah 

9. Oliver

10. Ozzie 

Cute and fun dog names

Don’t like simple names? See if you’ll love anything from this list of short and sweet names instead. These names are inspired by different things which are also easy for dogs to recall:

1. Bear 

2. Blue 

3. Buddy 

4. Sushi 

5. Chip 

6. Dash 

7. Lucky 

8. Oreo 

9. Peanut 

10. Teddy 

Strong names for dogs

Names with strong sound or meaning behind them is also a great choice especially for dogs with a large muscular build. Here are our best picks:

1. Angus 

2. Adir

3. Brutus 

4. Champ 

5. Farell 

6. Fort

7. Godric 

8. Igor

9. Oz

10. Zale 

Dog names based on films and TV shows

These names are popularised by films or TV shows. If you see one from your favourite movie, maybe you’d like your pooch to have that name too. These names are well-loved by a lot of people so check them out!

1. Bolt (Bolt)

2. Barney (Barney & Friends)

3. Chewy (Star Wars)

4. Dobby (Harry Potter)

5. Nemo (Finding Nemo)

6. Olaf (Frozen)

7. Pluto (Mickey Mouse) 

8. Simba (Lion King)

9. Scooby (Scooby Do)

10. Vader (Star Wars)

Mythology names for dogs

Choosing a name for your pup from Greek and Norse mythology will definitely give you a unique, cool, and strong name since most are names used for gods. Check out our list and maybe you’ll find one that’s perfect for your dog:

1. Apollo

2. Atlas 

3. Loki

4. Thor 

5. Zeus 

Car inspired dog names

We also made a list that's perfect for car lovers. These names are perfect for dogs that love to run around and use up their high energy.

1. Ford 

2. Bentley 

3. Ryder 

4. Phantom 

5. Ranger

Choosing a dog name is a real task. We advise you to pick a name that’s simple, practical, but something you love and won’t be embarrassed when shouting it at the park.

Experts advice on choosing a pets name that ends with a long vowel or a short “a” to make it easier for your dog to distinguish his name. It’s also better if the name doesn’t sound similar to commands like sit and no. So even if names like Bo or Kit sounds nice, these names may confuse your dogs. 

We hope this list helped you with your search. Just visit our website if you need more general information about dogs or treats and food!

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