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How To Make Your Home Safe For Your Puppy

How To Make Your Home Safe For Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home comes with a lot of enjoyment and responsibility. As a new owner, you need to start making your home safe for your puppy even before he arrives. Besides buying everything he needs, from toys to food and a comfortable bed, you should also make sure your puppy will be safe in your house.

Because he will be very energetic and his attention span will be very short, you need to do everything you can in order to control the environment he spends his time in.


Let’s take a look at the most important aspects you need to keep in mind when you start to dog-proof your house.

How To Make Your House Puppy-Safe

1. Put All The Human Food Away

Puppies will try to eat everything they find and will go to incredible lengths to reach any surface that may have food on it. There are many foods a dog shouldn’t eat, such as chocolate, pizza, grapes or any kinds of nuts. If you are going to leave the house for a couple of hours, make sure there’s nothing for him to chew on.

Besides the fact that your puppy can suffer from food poisoning, he can also choke on the wrappers.

2. Hide Any Power Cables

Because puppies don’t know how the world around them works, if they find a power cable or any charger, they may try to chew on it. In general, this happens because their teeth are growing, gums are itching and they are trying to find relief.

What you can do is either hide all the cables so he doesn’t have access to them or contain your puppy in a crate whenever you can’t keep an eye on him, and offer him a bone to chew on instead!

3. Keep Trash Contained

Dogs of all sizes and ages absolutely love trash cans. There are a lot of interesting smells, and there has to be something delicious too. Leaving aside the fact that he may eat something toxic, there’s also the risk of swallowing bones, parts of toys or wrappers, or even having his head caught in a bag he can suffocate in.

What you can do, is keep the trash can in a closed space, or get one with a very sturdy lid so your dog can’t open it.

4. Put Away Any Objects That May Break

As puppies are incredibly energetic, they can tip over objects while running around the house. In order to avoid such events, it would be best to keep everything that may break, such as lamps and vases, in a room your puppy doesn’t have access to. This way, you can avoid injuries and keep your puppy safe!

5. Keep Cleaning Products Out Of Reach

Try and put away all the toxic substances around the house, such as soaps, detergents, pesticides and glues. Even though some of them may have safety caps, that’s not an assurance that your puppy won’t chew through the bottles. In order to be completely safe, lock all these products in a cabinet or room your puppy is not allowed in, and minimise the risk.

6. Close The Rooms He’s Not Supposed To Be In

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want your dog entering your bedroom when you’re not around, and you can simply close the door and keep him away. What you need to be very careful about is not to accidentally forget your dog in one of these rooms. The stairs and arches around the house can be closed with baby gates, and you need to make sure all the windows he can access are closed.

7. Keep Medication Out Of Reach

Human medications are one of the most dangerous things for dogs. Even if most of them won’t have an effect on humans in small quantities, dogs can get serious poisoning from a simple Ibuprofen pill.

Make sure everything is safely stored in drawers, cabinets and boxes he can’t reach, and also store dog medicine away from human medicine.

8. Hide Poisonous Plants

What many dog owners don’t know is the fact that some plants are highly poisonous to them. Most of them won’t cause more than a mild indigestion, but others can cause organ failure and even death. Because it can be hard to identify them all, it’s best if your dog can’t nibble on any plants around your house. On the ASPCA website, you can find a list of poisonous plants and flowers, and see if you have any of those in your house.


No matter what you do, make sure your dog stays safe and happy when you’re not with him. It’s important to know how to make your home safe for your puppy and don’t leave any potentially dangerous items or substances around him.

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