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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Dog In The UK In 2020?

How much does it cost to own a dog in the UK in 2020?

One of the most things that owners need to consider before bringing a dog into their life is the cost. A lot of people don’t realise the expenses that come with owning a pooch and this can unfortunately lead to a lot of a cases of either neglected or re homed dogs.

To help you out, I’ve put together a little table of costs as well as some broken down sections with more detail. I would like to state that all of the costs discussed are estimates and they can vary depending on your dogs needs and your own circumstances.

The Cost of a Dog Itself

One of the biggest costs of owning a dog can be the actual dog itself. Whilst rehoming a dog from a shelter can be much cheaper, it can still sometimes reach adoption fees of £200. This includes funding for the shelter as well as fees for a home visit.

Whereas if you are wanting a puppy from a breeder, they can cost you up to and sometimes over £1000. In fact, there are some purebred dogs across the world that have set their owners back close to £1 million.

Whilst this is possibly your biggest one-off payment, the other stuff will quickly add up and will quickly overtake the price of your dog itself. I am not trying to discourage you from bringing a furry friend into your family, it is just something you need to consider.


A Table of Costs


Monthly Cost



Dog Food


Dog Treats


Dog Toys


Flea Treatment


Worming Treatment




Training Classes


Pet Boarding


Vet Visits


Total Monthly Cost


Total Yearly Cost



This table is just an approximation as these costs can vary a lot, dependent on what brands of items that you buy. The miscellaneous section includes various things essential things such as poo bags, leads, harnesses and collars which are not constant costs but are things that will need replacing from time to time.

This table also does not include any unexpected costs, such as an expensive emergency surgery which your insurance may not cover. I will break down some of these categories now to see how these costs may differ or affect you.

Dog Food

There are a lot of foods that you may be drawn to because of their cheap costs. It’s something that we will do as humans, with money being such an important thing in our society. However, going for the cheapest food bags sometimes works out more expensive.

Cheaper brands often use cheaper and less nutritious ingredients meaning that your dog will have to eat more of this food, thus increasing the daily cost of feeding your dog. As well as this, cheaper dog food can lead to health problems in the future which may also cost you more.

The type of dog you have will also impact the type of food that you need, you can always have a nutritional consultation with your vet to discuss the best quality and most cost effective food for your dog.

Dog Treats

Similarly, to dog food the types of treats you get can impact your monthly costs. If you get treats for your dog that are all natural, such as our range of treats, they will last you longer as you will need to feed your dog less.

This will also decrease your monthly cost of dog treats. Also, unhealthy and unnatural treats can lead to health issues such as oral and dental problems, so you are best sticking with the fully natural stuff.


Insurance is another cost that is dependent on your dog’s breed, age and the type of plan that you want. A lot of people think that it is best to not get insurance as the monthly cost can be so high.

But actually, getting insurance can lower the cost of expenses in your dogs life time as you will not have to pay for certain veterinarian treatments if they are covered by insurance. The treatments not covered by insurance also usually cost a lot more. Whether or not you should get insurance will be covered further in another article.

Flea and Worming Treatment

This is another thing that people do not always think is a necessary monthly cost and can sometimes lead to much greater expenses if it is ignored. Making sure to flea and worm your pet on a monthly basis will not only cure your pet of any worms or fleas that they have but it will prevent them from contracting any others.

If you only wait to treat your pet when they have fleas or worms then you have risked them already making homes inside of your house. You will then have to spend extra money on buying items such as carpet sprays and cleaners to eliminate any fleas or worms that are festering in your furniture.

Whilst it may seem like an unnecessary monthly cost it can actually save you money in the future, much like your insurance costs.

Puppy Training Classes

This is not going to be a permanent monthly cost and will only usually be needed in the first year of your puppy’s life. If you are confident enough in training your puppy yourself, you may not even need this.

However, it is always a good place to get your puppy to learn to socialise with other dogs. Depending on what puppy classes you go to, they may cost £5 a week or £10 a week. This cost is largely dependent on where you live and what puppy classes are near you, sadly it is something you cannot always control.

Pet Boarding

Depending on how long and how often you will need someone to look after your pooch, pet boarding can incur quite the cost. Most places usually do pet boarding costs by the night, so it depends how many nights you are likely to need someone taking care of your dog.

This is a cost that can often be avoided if you have a family member that can come over and look after you dog whilst you are away. Unfortunately, this is not always an option so pet boarding may become a necessary cost depending on your lifestyle.

Dog Walkers

As most dog owners still prefer to walk their dogs themselves, I did not include this on the average table costs. However, with its rising popularity with people who have busy lifestyles and do not always have time to walk their dogs, it can be a frequent cost.

Once again, this cost is very varied and will largely depend on what dog walkers are available near you and most dog walkers will set their own rates. The average rate seems to lay somewhere between £5-£10 for an hour-long walk.

It is unfortunately the case that if you have a busier lifestyle, you are much more likely to spend extra money on things such as dog walkers and pet boarders.

What Breed of Dog is the Cheapest to Take Care of?

Sadly, there is not a simple answer to this question. Each breed of dog will come with its own set of requirements and its own set of costs. For example, buying a larger dog will mean buying more food as they require bigger meal sizes.

That being said, smaller dogs are not always cheaper as they require more specialised food with smaller kibble shapes so that they can consume it easier. You should really determine whether you would able to afford the costs that come with any dog before deciding on what breed you think would suit you and your lifestyle best.

What About at the End of my Dog’s Life?

Whilst this is a morbid topic that no one like to think about, there are also costs that come with putting a dog to rest.

Euthanasia at the vets will cost around an average of £50. If you are having your dog cremated, this can set you back up to £300. This cost will be slightly cheaper if you do not want your pet’s ashes returned to you.


In conclusion, owning a dog comes with a list of set costs as well as unexpected costs. From the exploration that has been done through this article it can be estimated that the monthly cost of taking care of a dog can range from £100-£200 and this does not include any unexpected costs such as an emergency trip to the vets.

This can put the yearly cost of owning a dog at an average of £1800 per year. Once again, these are all rough estimates as every dog will cost different amounts throughout its lifetime.

Owning a dog can be an incredible experience, but for both the benefit of you and your pooch, you should make sure you are able to afford all of the necessary things to give your dog a happy and healthy life.

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