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12 Best Dog Breeds For Kids

12 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs are a wonderful addition to a family. They give unconditional love, friendship, and companionship. Aside from being a child's playmate, dogs are good for kids to teach them how to be responsible, compassionate, and cooperative.

If you want a child-friendly dog, consider your lifestyle, living arrangements, activities, schedule, and the temperament of the dog you’re going to get. Active dogs are usually a great playmate for older children while a gentle and docile pooch may be a better choice for little kids and babies.

We’ve created a list of top dog breeds for kids to help you start your search for the new member of your family:

Small dog breeds:

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

The beautiful and regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a gentle and adorable face. Cavaliers are friendly to strangers and other animals. They make a great family dog since they get along well with children. 

Cavaliers enjoy sitting on a lap or getting belly rubs, but they also have a sporty nature. They can join active families on hiking, running, and other athletic activities.

2. Pug

Pugs are considered as one of the best small dogs for kids. These dogs love to sleep and you may hear them snoring sometimes. 

You can simply snuggle them up while watching TV or let them play with the kids. Their daily exercise can be a lively game with the family or a moderate walk.

3. Bichon Frise

This little white fluff ball has a playful and active nature. Bichons are small and quiet so they are a great choice for people living in apartments. They are also upbeat, amusing, and loving dogs that can match a kid’s energy.

Moderate exercise is advisable to keep them healthy so play games or take them for a short walk daily. 


4. Beagle

Beagles are intelligent, friendly, and social dogs that get along with almost everyone. They look adorable and calm with their pleading expression, but these dogs are very energetic and athletic so they'll never be too tired to play games.

If you and your kids love being outdoors, this outdoor-loving dog is definitely a good choice.


Medium dog breeds: 

1. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog (or Frenchie) are a good companion and thrive when they have human contact. City dwellers also love this quiet and low-maintenance pooch since they make an exceptional apartment dog.

Their gentle and playful character is a wonderful trait for children who want a dog. Frenchies are also smart and you can train them. Make the training sessions like a fun game to keep their spirits up!


2. Bulldog

Bulldogs are notable for their loose skin, a furrowed brow, and pushed-in nose. They are known to be kid-friendly dog breeds since they have a sweet, gentle, and affectionate demeanour.

This people-oriented dog breed adapts very well in the city or country. They require moderate exercise like brisk walks and a healthy diet to prevent them from becoming overweight.

3. Vizsla 

Vizslas are a child-friendly dog breed. They are loyal to their humans and sometimes be clingy. They are excellent for families that can sustain physical activities and attention they need. 

Vizslas are athletic and require high-level physical activities. This dog will have a great time with families that enjoy the outdoors since they make a great companion for jogging and biking.

4. Boxer

If you want a high-energy and family-friendly dog, the boxer dog breed is for you! Boxers are medium to large dog breeds that are upbeat, bright, and alert. They have earned a great reputation for their patience and protectiveness for children.

Boxers also have an outgoing personality that makes them a good match for active families. They need plenty of exercise and activities so they won’t pent-up their energy or become overweight.



Large dog breeds:

1. Irish Setter

The Irish Setters are medium to large dog breeds with a distinguishable mahogany or chestnut coat. They were originally a working dog breed or gun dogs. Now, they have won the hearts of many families which makes them one of the highly popular family pets today. 

Irish Setters are endearing, smart, energetic and sweet-tempered with kids and adults alike. Prepare to exercise them daily or have them play with active kids. They don’t like being alone by themselves so you need to be willing to spend lots of time with them.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most favoured family dogs for several reasons. These lovable hounds are sweet and eager to please children and adults alike. They aren’t bothered by the noise and rowdiness of kids which makes them wonderful for an active and lively household.

Labs are intelligent and easy going with families and friendly with other dogs. They are fairly easy to train and that makes them a great overall companion. Make sure that they exercise daily because they are athletic and energetic. They love the outdoors so frisbee and running are excellent activities for them.

3. Newfoundland

The Newfoundlands or Newfs/Newfies are huge fluffy dogs that are also known as the "nanny" dogs for kids. They are watchful and patient towards children. They have soft and soulful eyes that suit their sweet and gentle personality well.

Newfies are trusting and trainable. To keep a Newfie healthy, assign at least half-hour of moderate exercise. Newfs enjoy outdoor activities and are a great companion for swimming, long walks, or hikes.

 4. Golden Retriever

The last on this list is one of the most well-known dog breeds. Golden Retrievers are popular for their versatility since they are known for being a good bird dog, family pet, service dog, and rescue dog.

Golden Retrievers are well-loved by families since they are playful but can be gentle around kids. They are intelligent and eager to please so they respond to obedience training well. A good game of fetch, swimming, or outdoor play is a great way to exercise them.


Remember that each dog can still be different despite the generalisation of their personality. If you are planning to add a dog to your family, make sure to always supervise your dog and children when they are together.

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