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Your Dog And Fireworks

Your Dog and Fireworks

There are lots of occasions wherein your dog may encounter fireworks, such as bonfire night. For a lot of dogs, it can be quite an anxiety inducing situation and as an owner, you will want to help them in any way you can.

This short guide has been put together to give you some tips on how you can keep your dog safe and calm in the presence of fireworks.

Will My Dog Be Safe?

Your dog’s safety is always going to be one of your greater concerns. To keep them safe from fireworks, keep them inside the house at all times and supervise them if they need to go outside for the bathroom.

The possibility of a firework straying and injuring your dog is incredibly low, but you should always keep them supervised in case they get scared and run away.

You should also make sure your dog is microchipped just in case they do run, so that you can get them identified and bring them home safely.

Can I Create A Safe Space For My Dog?

Yes, creating a safe space for your pooch is both easy to do and highly recommended for when fireworks are used. You can create this safe space for your dog by utilising lots of thin blankets.

Find a space which you can drape the blankets over, such as a table or a dog crate if you dog is used to that. This provides them with a small comforting space which they can come and go freely.

You can make this experience even calmer for your dog by placing a radio playing soothing or classical music to help drown out the loud noises of the fireworks.

Should I Give My Dog Treats To Help Them?

Giving your dog treats is a great way to distract them and provide them with a happy alternative. You can purchase good quality and long-lasting treats, such as bones, from us to help keep your dog happy.

No matter what treats you choose, make sure to supervise them to make sure they do not injure themselves on the bones. It may also be a good idea to provide them with a variety of toys to increase both their chances of play and distraction.

If they want to play, spend as much time playing with them as you can. This will help distract them from the fireworks as well as reassure them with your presence.

Should I Change My Dog’s Feeding Or Walking Schedule?

It is possible that you need to change your dog’s schedule if you are expecting a night of fireworks. Make sure to feed them before the fireworks start, they may feel too anxious to eat their meal after the fireworks start.

You should also walk them before dark so that they are not scared during their walk and also so that they get their required exercise.

You may even wish to take them on a longer walk than usual so that they expend more energy and are more likely to sleep or rest through the fireworks undisturbed.

My Dog Is Unbearable During Fireworks, What Should I Do?

If your dog cannot be kept calm using any of the tips mentioned above, you may need to take a trip to the vets. They have behavioural consultants that can advise you on steps to take to reduce your dog’s anxiety.

They may recommend some anxiety reducers such as hormone diffusers. These work by releasing pheromones that their mother’s produce which act as a comforting sensation.

They may also recommend an anxiety jacket. These jackets are weighted and work by applying pressure to certain points on your dog’s body that help to relieve anxieties and feelings of sickness.

If this still does not help, you may need to visit a professional behaviourist for a full evaluation of your dog’s behaviour. They may be a deeper routed cause for their behaviour that needs to be dealt with.


To summarise, fireworks are a scary experience for your dog but there are several easy things that you can do to help your pet.

  • Make a safe place for your dog using blankets.
  • Give your dog long lasting treats to distract them.
  • Provide your dog with a variety of toys and spend a lot of your time playing with them.
  • Walk and feed them before dark when the fireworks are expected.
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped with the correct details.
  • Talk to your vet about using either hormone diffusers or anxiety jackets.

If you follow these tips, times such as Bonfire Night, should be much more easy for both you and your pooch to deal with.

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