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Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terriers

Everything You Need To Know About Jack Russell Terriers

If you are looking for a small dog to bring into your home, a Jack Russel is a very popular choice and for good reason. These small and friendly dogs are very energetic and make for great companions.

When deciding on what breed is the perfect match for you, it is important to do your research on any of the individual breeds you are considering getting. You need to be aware of their personalities and health issues to see if they sound like your perfect companion.

To help you with that I have put together this article on everything that you will need to know about Jack Russell Terriers.


As expected, these terriers do gain a lot of their personality from their terrier heritage. But that is not a bad thing. These dogs are very alert and also very confident, although some Jack Russell Terriers may be a little more nervous than other Terrier breeds. Because of their alertness, these small dogs are usually very easy to train but they can get distracted.

These dogs still maintain a lot of their hunting instinct so can sometimes get distracted and they need to be kept on a lead when on walks. They are very athletic dogs and need a lot of time spent playing and running about otherwise they will get restless.

It is sometimes suggested that you should not get a Jack Russell if you have a young child in the house as sometimes a Jack Russell playing method can be a little more aggressive than other dogs.

Common Health Problems

Hopefully, there will never be a situation in which your dog becomes unhealthy. Compared to a lot of other breeds, Jack Russell Terriers are relatively healthy breeds and have less problems than other dogs. That being said, they do still have some common afflictions that you should know about. Knowing to look out for these certain things can help your dog’s recovery and also save you some money if you catch any health problems early on. The most common health problems you may see in your Jack Russell are to do with their eyes, hearts and ears.

  • Deafness – Sadly, there is not any treatment for this or any way to prevent it. Apart from keeping your dog’s ears clean of course. There are lots of dogs that still live happily whilst being deaf, you should simply be aware that it is something that you may have to deal with when getting a Jack Russell.
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma can be a very painful condition that afflicts the eye. It occurs from abnormally high pressure in the eye that results from the incorrect draining of eye fluid. This condition will usually affect one eye first and the affected eye will become inflamed and red. The eye will also usually be squinty and not react properly to the light. There is treatment available for this and the earlier it is found, the easier it can be treated. Treatment can be either in the form of surgery or medicine, depending on the individual case. Sadly, even with the treatment, this condition can cause blindness in your dog.
  • Lens Luxation – This condition is caused by deterioration of the ligament that holds the eye in place. It means that they eyeball will become displaced in the head and will sometimes mean that the eye needs to be surgically removed.


What Should I Feed My Jack Russell?

Making sure to give your dog the best diet it can have is crucial to maintain both its health and happiness. It is recommended that you get food that is tailored to smaller breed dogs.

This will mean that the food has a different nutritional composition, making it more suitable for smaller dogs. If you are feeding your dog on dry food, it will also mean that the kibble size is smaller and a different shape so that your dog can crunch on it much more comfortably.

Vets tend to recommend feeding your dog with dry food. This is because wet food can get stuck between your dog’s teeth and rot causing plaque to form around your dog’s teeth and gums. Feeding them on dry food will also help to keep their teeth strong.

You also need to make sure that you are giving your dog healthy treats as lots of treats are filled with additives that can cause obesity and other health problems in your dog. Giving your dog all-natural treats is the best option, such as our Training Treats that they will undoubtedly love.

How Do I Keep Their Coat Healthy?

Jack Russell Terriers have short coats that do not require a lot of high maintenance. Make sure to brush your dog’s coat at least once a week. This will remove any dead or loose hairs and make your dog feel much more comfortable.

Once or twice a year, you will need to get your Jack Russell stripped so that they can regrow their broken coats. This can be done at almost any groomers.

Some Jack Russell Terriers can be nervous when being groomed so the quicker you can get them used to it, the better. Make sure to start grooming your Jack Russell as a puppy.

How Much Will A Jack Russell Cost Me?

If you are wanting to buy a Jack Russell puppy from a breeder, they can cost you quite a bit. There is no set price for a Jack Russell as breeders will set their own prices. Currently at the UK prices for a Jack Russell puppy seem to be at an average of £1000.

If you are considering adopting, most shelters have a much cheaper price as they only require an adoption fee that is about £200. If you would rather go through a rescue then Jack Russell Terrier Rescue UK is a great option, they help people to re home their Jack Russell Terriers and they make sure to vaccinate, microchip and neuter all of the dogs they are trying to re home.

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